D!$k pics are dead: What to send on Tinder instead

D!$k pics are dead: What to send on Tinder instead

If you're reading this, chances are you're swiping your way through Tinder and wondering why your matches are about as rare as a snowball in Mt Isa. Don't worry, we've all been there.

We've got a simple 6 step guide to increase your conversion rate, strap in:

1. Read The Bio
As much as it comes at a shock, power swiping through every girl in the area isn't the best approach. If you you want a decent shot at a bird, you need to know something about her. The pics and bio will give you some pointers about what to say – and you’ll get brownie points for paying attention.

2. Pictures
Firstly, you might want to swap some pics to double check her filter game isn't too strong (don't tell her that). But what you want to do is dive into the backstory behind her pics. Holidays? Dogs? Live gigs They love talking about themselves & it's info you're going to need to know.

3. The Opening Line
There are two ways to approach it... go with relentlessly crude humour like you can find on our Best Tinder Bio's article, or play it like a respectful bloke and get in the good books. Go with something like “‘I noticed on your profile that you like/went to/had experienced…’ and see where it leads.

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4. Creep-Free Compliments
We know its the era of #MeToo but you can still throw out a compliment, it's just easy to come off like a weird c*#t. Stick with something non-physical. Avoid compliments like, ‘gorgeous smile’. If you want to level up, ask her for her opinion on something then praise her decision whatever it is.

5. Stay Chill
Don't jump in too hard. If you play your above cards right, they'll give you some kind of signal that they are ready to talk about things that are a little heavier... until then send a pic of a puppy dog or something. 

6. The Transition
The hardest part can be taking it offline and into the real world – ask too early and you’ll seem overly keen, wait too long and you’ll lose your shot. Build some trust, show you’re confident and serious about not wasting their time by being specific: “I’d love to get a drink. How about Thursday after you knock off? I've been meaning to try out a bar in Southbank”. If they seem hesitant, you can always go back to swiping.

These  tips may not guarantee you'll use your tip, or find your soulmate, but they'll certainly increase your chances of making a connection. Have fun swiping & if you really aren't having luck, there's always Grindr.

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