The Group

Blokes Advice is a platform where hundreds of thousands of blokes have a space to talk about all things blokey with like-minded individuals. 

Men’s mental health is a problem in Australia, with a large factor being blokes struggling to have open communication about hardships. What Blokes Advice offers is a platform with men just like yourself who have gone through the exact same things and they, as individuals, can give you their advice on what worked, what didn’t, or just hear you out.

Depression, addiction, suicide, family law, toxic relationships, workplace struggles, starting a business, investments... you name it and the conversation has been had. Use the search bar to find older conversations, post your own issue, or inbox one of our admins to have your issue posted anonymously.

It’s not all about the problems. Shit talk & banter are at the core of male conversations, and we encourage this because the more things we have in common the stronger the brotherhood becomes for when difficult conversations need to be had. Share the haul from your latest fishing trip, the 4wd mods you just spent too much money on, or just a funny story from your life.

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Accepting requests and post approvals may take time. If you are seeking immediate help, a full list of professional services can be found here.

All advice and information on BA by its administrators and members is given in good faith. The advice is the opinions of our members and is not professional in nature. You should consider if this information is right for you and seek advice from professional services if necessary. Blokes Advice Co Pty Ltd does not accept legal liability or responsibility for the content of the advice or information or any consequences arising from its use.