Black Dog Awareness Tour #2

In January 2018, Blokes Advice “Black Dog Awareness Tour” completed its first tour - 10 locations between Cairns and Brisbane, raising awareness about men’s mental health and offering support. The second was bigger and better heading south for a 6000km, 12 stop tour meeting with hundreds of members.

Blokes Advice has helped countless men, and saved the lives of more than just a few. In just two years it has become a unique community we should all be proud of. The tour was created as an outlet to get us blokes off the keyboard and back into the real world. 

Blokes Advice Facebook page (private, invitation only) now has over 600,000 members. We are not aligneded with any political party and are not a charity. The group is about mateship and positive support. 
Men on the page open up about relationship problems, child custody issues, general struggles in life. 

“We’re not mental health experts, we’re average blokes,” BA Captain ~ Brock Paulke

“We know men are struggling and we want to do something to highlight mental health,” Brock continues. “We want men to know it’s ok to talk about their issues. The BA tours are a way of bringing communities together for BBQ’s, beers and a chance to chat. We’re proud to have created a safe environment for men. We want to do more than sit behind computer screens.”

CEO & Founder of ‘Flip Out’ indoor trampoline arenas (and BA member), Brent Grundy proudly came on board to support the tour as the principal partner. 

It could not have been possible with the help of Brent and our other major sponsors:

Paladin Projects

Carrington Financial Group
Call Ollie! 0422 052 979

TBC Travel
Kokoda For The Boys

iStyle Studio

Motor Vision Car Sound & Navigation

Dynamic Steel Frame
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