Best Of Blokes Advice

Black Dog Awareness Tour #2

In January 2018, Blokes Advice “Black Dog Awareness Tour” completed its first tour - 10 locations between Cairns and Brisbane, raising awareness about men’s mental health and offering support. The second was bigger and better heading south for a 6000km, 12 stop tour meeting with hundreds of members.

Best Of Saturday's Are For The Boys

It's common knowledge that Saturdays are for the boys. We asked our members to show us what they get up to with their fellow blokes and these are some of our favourites!

Blokes Advice in 2017 - A message from the Captain

To those who know me, and those who don’t, I've been the captain of the ship “BA” for coming up two years now. Everyone behind the scenes have compiled some of the highlights; somewhat of a "year in review". This is for new members, old members and members that haven't even joined yet to give you lads a better understanding of the ways that we help in the community outside of our Facebook group. We have massive things planned this coming year. I cant wait to bring in the new year with all you legends

The Blokes of BA - December

Check out some of the members repping the BA brotherhood this December!

When You Wear A Blokes Advice Shirt

The legends over at The Ringworms put together some cinema gold for us all to enjoy over the Christmas break. We have been hearing whispers of magical things going down when fellow blokes are spotted with BA on their backs and after this video we guess it must be true!

Black Dog Awareness Tour

The very first Blokes Advice "Black Dog Awareness Tour" is all set to run between the 31st Dec and 14th Jan. The 11 stop journey will see two of our OG members travel across QLD bringing communities together for BBQ's, beers and a chance to meet fellow members and their families. Check out this post for more information on dates and locations.