Best Tinder Bios for Blokes in 2023

Best Tinder Bios for Blokes in 2023

Making a Tinder profile sucks, but you can't always rely of the pheromones of a freshly shaved 'stache and your freshest pair of footy shorts. Shoutouts to BA member Shaun L for reaching out to the boys when it need:

"Best tinder bio lads. Pls help me out, just out 13 year relationship!"

Keep in mind Tinder is somewhat well known as a hook-up app full of banter between the sexes where comedy rules. Nobody is expecting to find love on Tinder, & the chat reflects it!

Before you proceed please check out the definition of black humour HERE and don't hit us with your cancel culture bullshit.

Let's jump in with some profile bio's 100% not guaranteed to get you in the good books with some of Australia's finest ladies.

"I like my women How I like my scotch... 22 years old and full of coke"

"Call me Crash Bandicoot...Just here to smash boxes"

"I don’t play basketball but fuck, I’ve rimmed some 3s"

"My mates saw me having a piss at the pub now they call me donkey. Wanna be my shrek?"
"Threesome? No thanks. If I wanted to disappoint two people in the same room, I’d have dinner with my parents."
"Could of been in the NBA but god put 8 inches in the wrong spot"

"666, 6 foot, 6 figures and 6 inches"

"You're like 91 unleaded, not the greatest but I'd still pump you in my car."

"Ill buy dinner if you cook breakfast"

"I don’t have a 12” dick but it sure smells like a foot"

"Come ruin my life"

"Call me subway cause I’ll lie to you about 6 inches and give low quality meat"

"Just on here for the weekend while my wife is out of town"

"Offering free moustache rides for a limited time only"

"5’9”... two seperate measurements"

It wasn't all genius lines, some lads had straight up advice for those thinking about starting a Tinder profile this year.

"Definitely helps if you put a pic of you holding a fish! 60% of the time, it works every time…"
"Mate, grinder is way easier… heaps of people want go for a drink on there! Yet to match with a chick but ive had 143 free pina coladas and meet some good blokes…"
And then someone has to jump in and beat the game. This sneaky little play might be the future for dating and hook-up culture...

"Tinders for rookies. Jump on Facebook market place, find sad singles by searching for used wedding dresses, then filter to your desired sizes.. stay toxic king."

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