Why Aussie blokes should donate blood & plasma

Why Aussie blokes should donate blood & plasma

Formerly Red25, the Blokes Advice Life Blood team has made a huge impact in saving lives.

Did you know that us blokes are best for donations?

Our veins are built different & we tend to have fewer antibodies, making us much better for plasma donations, and able to give more frequently. Plasma helps plenty of people, but particularly kids undergoing cancer treatments.

Blokes Advice is one of the largest groups of prime male specimens in Australia (we’re talking about you stud), and we believe its our responsibility to do our bit.

How to become a blood donor:
1. Head to Life Blood and register as a donor
2. Make a booking at a location near you.
3. When donating, tell them you’re part of the Blokes Advice Life Blood team so we can keep track of the good work

Not only does giving blood help other people, it's actually good for you to. Here are a few reasons why giving blood is a good idea for guys:

  1. Get Rid of Extra Iron: Guys tend to have more iron in their bodies than women, which can be bad news if you have too much of it. But donating blood can actually help get rid of some of that excess iron and prevent issues like hemochromatosis (which is no fun, trust me).

  2. Keep Your Heart Pumping Strong: Giving blood can also help your heart stay healthy by lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke. It can also improve blood flow, regulate blood pressure, and prevent blood clots. Who knew giving blood could be such a great workout for your heart?

  3. Learn About Your Health: Before you donate blood, you'll need to go through a health screening. This can help you identify any underlying health issues you may have and take steps to address them. Plus, it's always good to know what's going on with your bod.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're a dude who's thinking about donating blood, talk to your doc to make sure you're good to go, then head on over to your local blood donation center to get started. Your heart (and someone else's) will thank you for it!

Got something to share or ask? Head over to the Blokes Advice Facebook Group and share it with 1/4 million Aussie guys. It's 100% male, and a private group so brace yourself for some old fashion banter, laughs, and the help a fellow bloke out from time to time.

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