Recognising BA members in the real world

Recognising BA members in the real world

Blokes Advice is a sanctuary for Aussie blokes where political correctness takes a back seat and real talk is the norm. It's a place where fellas can be themselves and not worry about being judged.  

Like Fight Club, we moderate which members are accepted although we encourage telling your mates! BA is a club for men to connect and share their experiences. No topic is off limits, making it a rare gem in today's PC world + our team screens every member to make sure they fit the narrative keeping the group what it is (sorry ladies, this means you’ll just have to follow along on the public page). 

Think of it as your online pub, so all the banter, shit talk & laughs that go down on your local can now we amplified with 250 000 other Aussies. The page provides a supportive environment for men to connect, form a sense of brotherhood, and occasionally lean on the group for advice on the tougher situations life throws at us.

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Since the early days, our merch has always been the way to recognise members in the real world and take it away from the online space. Seeing someone wearing a Blokes Advice shirt is an opportunity for members to introduce themselves and start a conversation… this is more than encouraged! Have a quick chat or at least give him a friendly nod, and if you're feeling generous and the situation allows for it, it's considered etiquette to buy the man a beer!

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There's plenty to choose from, but the most famous of all the shirts is the BA Circle design (& the OG for those who remember). With its timeless design, this shirt has gained cult-like status across Australia, making you instantly recognisable among the BA brotherhood. Join the ranks of the best-dressed blokes in Australia, wear it with pride and be ready for the ultimate sign of respect - free beers from fellow members.

BA Circle Tee

The second unwritten rules of Blokes Advice is if you see a car rocking the BA sticker, do what you can to leave a couple of tinnies for that glorious bastard to find on his return. Better yet, do what these blokes did!

Blokes Advice Sticker

So, the next time you see a fellow Blokes Advice member out in public, don't be shy, introduce yourself and raise a glass to the brotherhood. Who knows, you might just make a new mate!

Got something to share or ask? Head over to the Blokes Advice Facebook Group and share it with 1/4 million Aussie guys.

Maybe you need a little more than a laugh and some bloke on bloke advice? Blokes Advice is also a platform to connect blokes to talk about the tougher things in life. Check out our Seeking Help page for more information on making yourself a happier and better you.

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