Paddy The Baddy takes down 10 marines

Paddy The Baddy takes down 10 marines

Have you heard about Paddy Pimblett? This bloke is making waves in the UFC. He's gone from being just any old cage fighter to becoming one of the biggest names in the Octagon.

This Scouser, known as The Baddy, has got a record of 20-3-0, and he's been smashing it in the UFC with a 4-0 record, with only one of his fights lasting longer than two rounds.

Now, here's the thing about Paddy... he's not shy about admitting he packs on a few extra pounds when he's not training for fights & right now The Baddy doesn't have a fight lined up. So what does he do? He goes to America's West Coast and visits Camp Pendleton in Virginia, home of the Marines.

We all know the army types... big strong boys, who love thinking they're big strong boys. Well Paddy showed them what's up and took on 10 Marines in a row! Some of them put up a decent fight, but one after the other they tapped (granted, he was absolutely gassed).

He said, "I have the balance of a ballerina, mate, and I weigh like a f*cking sumo wrestler. I'm a proper weirdo, you know what I mean? F*cking hell, boys, you made me do a big crazy circuit, and then I rolled every one of yous. What the f*ck, lads? I was meant to be doing a three-mile run today, but that's not happening now. This was one of my hardest workouts this week, you gang of big b*stards!"

Paddy is always a laugh & we can't wait to see what he does next in the Octagon!

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