Our Top 5 Tattooed Women

Our Top 5 Tattooed Women

We don't know what it is exactly, but heavily tatted up ladies do things to us blokes. Sure, some guys reckon the look like a colouring book gone wrong, but for those who don't - here are BA's Top 5 to follow in 2023.

Lets kick things off with Jill Hardener. She's a German influencer, turned business women who is one of the most successful OF creators to date. She's all about cultivating openness acceptance and tolerance, while being a voice for sexual freedom and expression.

Laurence Bedard, better known as Lolobe4, hails from Quebec, Canada. She's a barber by trade, although found success as a social media personality and becoming a leading alternative model - landing deals with huge brands including a decent stint with the infamous Bang Energy Drink.


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Next up is probably the most famous on the list, Viking Barbie. Her real name is Kayleigh Swanson, and she is an American singer, fitness model, and dabbles in the adult world. She's been killing it in the podcast game lately, even making an appearance on Only Stans.

Add another Canadian to the list with Valerie Cossette. We can't really tell you what she does other than take really good selfies on Instagram and point towards a spicy link. Fair play to her.

Rounding out the list, we have to bring a red head to the table. Morgan Joyce has been a Youtuber for 12 years, sharing mostly alternative fashion and style type videos. Of course, she's done quite well on Instagram and those other platforms sharing her quirky look.

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