Miss Moni: The Aussie Youtube For Your Kids

Miss Moni: The Aussie Youtube For Your Kids

Looking for a rad way to make screen time count for your little ones? Say hello to Miss Moni, the Aussie host on YouTube who's all about fun learning. Move over Sesame Street, because Miss Moni's bringing a fresh vibe to your kids' entertainment.

Alright, so here's the deal – she's got that Aussie accent and talks about local stuff that your kids can totally relate to. None of that flashy stuff you get from the U.S. TV shows – Miss Moni's all about connecting with your kiddos.

If you're tired of the same old shows with zero brain gains, Miss Moni is your savior. As a parent & music teacher herself, she noted with her first child how music was helping her language and speech skills improve. While you might think of the Wiggles and Play School when it comes to catchy jingles, Moni really uses music into learning language and other skills for toddlers. 

Speaking to Kidspot, she says “Developing language skills early can help a child’s cognitive development, social and emotional development, and can boost their confidence and self-esteem,” she explained. 

Her videos use speech therapy, which a paediatric speech pathologist guides, and avoid using visuals that can lead to over-stimulation. “Resorting to overly stimulating sounds and fast-paced scene changes is not only overstimulating but also detrimental to the learning process,” she explains.

“I truly believe that all children’s content should be created with the child’s well-being as the number one priority” 


Another reason we're backing Miss Moni is she & her husband saw a problem, and they took it upon themselves to be the solution. Starting from home with a green screen, and taking care of the scripts, shooting, editing and distribution themselves while juggling a little one of their own deserves some recognition.

That said, if you haven't heard of her and have a bub of your own, do yourself a favour and give her content a crack!

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