Krystal Forscutt: Where is she now?

Krystal Forscutt: Where is she now?

Let's catch up on the whereabouts of the heart throb, Krystal Forscutt. Remember her? She made quite a splash in the modeling scene, gracing the pages of Zoo Weekly (RIP) and even making a memorable appearance on Big Brother before the show turned into a pile of turd.

Back in 2006, Krystal captured the attention of many of us blokes when she landed in the spotlight of Zoo. The camera loved her, and so did we. Her rising stardom led her straight into the Big Brother house with her Mum (who got matching implants, god bless).

After her Big Brother adventure, Krystal continued to make waves in the modeling industry, gracing magazine covers like FHM & Ralph, and making appearances on other TV shows. As time went one, she seemed to fade away from the spotlight and remained a distant memory in our heads, so we posed the question, where is she now?

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Well, it was nothing a quick Google search couldn't figure out. We were half expecting a fall from grace story but we have to say... she's better than ever and think she's aged with our tastes.

Krystal (now 37) has since traded in her skimpy bikinis for a more boho inspired look, but looks as good as ever. She married a builder call Neil who looks like a top bloke, and the pair have gone on to have 3 kids and launch a handful of successful businesses. You can keep up with her adventures at @krystalhipwell!

The pair have designed and built two pretty impressive holiday rentals, & continue to run a successful construction company.

Bunker House is a luxury architectural showpiece on the south coast on NSW that boasts a 7 bedrooms, multiple living spaces, a gym, heated pool & ocean views - did someone say bucks party?

Heading inland, Jimmy Doo Farm is alpine retreat 20 minutes from Thredbo. Following the high end aesthetics of Bunker House (we're telling you, this Neil bloke knows his shit), the lodge sleeps 22 adults & 8 children while sitting on 270 acres of natural beauty.

While you're at it, if you want to check out Neil Hipwell you can find him at @futureflips, where he shares all his builds, pro tips, and he's even spoken about mental health in the construction game!

So that's that, while Krystal's not quite the girl we remember but it's great to see her crushing!

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