How Aussie Dads Deal With Screaming Babies

How Aussie Dads Deal With Screaming Babies

As a brand new dad and member of Blokes Advice, Dan Bergman turned to the group to ask the lads how they dealt with their babies when it seemed like they were out to murder some parental ear drums.

"Howdy lads. Have a 5 week old daughter. Am really struggling with the screaming, especially in the late evening. Any tips on trying to get through this? Cheers blokes." ~ Dan Bergman

As always, the legends of Blokes Advice came to the party with tips, tricks, experiences and well wishes. We’ve compiled a handful of the most popular 500+ comments. You can see the OG post HERE. 


One of three things:
They’re hungry
They have to burp and gotta get up
They have a soiled nappy
(Also try a anti-colic bottle for feeding)
Buy a ‘Love To Dream’ Suit
Try a children’s chiropractor if you think there’s something a little off with the crying. Might be slightly out from birth. Our little girl was, no matter how many docs or paediatric docs we saw 1 week at a chiro different kid across the board…
It DOES get easier brother! Also if she’s super unsettled, check if she has reflux and change up formulas. This is a game changer!
White noise playing in the background mate should help her stay settled.
My daughter had colic. Spending hours with her on my shoulder bouncing was the only way to keep her quiet until we found gripe water. Available at any chemist and made all the difference
Our girl wouldn’t settle it was formula causing reflux… changed her formula and fixed it up.
We found the early stages our baby was crying a lot because she was still so hungry and not quite getting enough from the boob so my mrs started pumping breastmilk bottles for her and that helped A LOT.
It sounds like colic. Our little girl went through exactly same thing from 6pm to like 2am and took forever to settle!
There a place called Willby Wind & Colic - highly recommend them! It solved her screaming within 24 hours.
There's no user manual, everyone is different, you'll find what works for you, wifey and bub. Try new things, note down what works, what doesn't.
The best advice I ever got was “Babies don't die from screaming but they do from stressed out parents.” Leave them in the cot (making sure it's safe ) and step out on the back porch for 5 min. Take a breather.


As always Blokes Advice has connected the brotherhood and provided plenty of advice there for new fathers... and of course there was some fair warnings for what’s to come…


Wait till the teething starts then you’ll know what zero sleep and getting up for works all about. It’s not easy mate but it does get easier as they get older. 
Got a one year old, all I can say is strap in bloke.

Mate, get a 5 year old that acts like her mother


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