Ethical Non Monogamy - The Swinging of the 2020's?

Ethical Non Monogamy - The Swinging of the 2020's?

Let's dive a bit deeper into a trend that's been buzzing lately – ethical non-monogamy.

You know that traditional idea of finding "The One" and riding off into the sunset? Well, it's getting a modern twist. Ethical non-monogamy is all about being open and honest with your partner and creating relationships that are built on trust, communication, and respect.

Now, this isn't a new concept by any means. Back in the 1960s, a wave of open relationships and swinging started gaining attention. People were questioning the norms and exploring the idea that one relationship might not fulfil all their needs. Fast forward to today, and ethical non-monogamy takes that idea to the next level.

So, imagine you and your buddies are hanging out, chatting about relationships. Instead of the usual jokes about being "tied down," someone brings up ethical non-monogamy. Don't fret, it's not about sneaky affairs. It's about maintaining clear boundaries, respecting everyone's feelings, and having the freedom to explore connections while staying committed.

Picture this: you and your partner decide to explore ethical non-monogamy. You both set clear boundaries, communicate openly about your desires, and maybe even decide to date, connect or get freaky with other people while still maintaining your core connection. For some it pure sexual adventures, others enjoy a dash more emotional connection. It's like having a solid base camp while embarking on separate adventures (or as a pair).

Ethical non-monogamy is about finding what works for you & your partner - and we can't stress enough, it needs to work for your partner too.

So, if you're a guy who's curious about giving ethical non-monogamy a whirl, it's worth having a genuine chat with your partner about it. It's all about embracing authenticity, having a blast, and showing a bit of empathy along the way. Life's too short to stick to the same old routine, right?

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