Drift Mansion: The world's best Air BnB?

Drift Mansion: The world's best Air BnB?

We can't lie... this is pretty f&%king cool & might just be the best place for a boys trip. The 'Drift Mansion', formally known as Little Talladega, is technically a Bed & Breakfast with a pretty cool twist. Too bad its in the US!

Designed as the ultimate playground, they supply Go-Karts, ATV’s, and Electric Drift Carts while the property is equipped with a pool, hot tub, tennis/basketball courts, kids playground, fishing pond, one hole golf course, and off road trails. Inside the shop you’ll find a full exercise gym, free arcade, dancefloor, indoor crazy cart track, and gel-blasters!

The Drift Mansion does not provide any full sized cars, but in certain situations they guests to bring their own vehiclesThere will be some additional costs and your ride is subject to a technical inspection AKA The No Shit Boxes Please Rule.

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What's it going to cost you? Well according to Air BnB this place will run you upwards of $5000/night with a 2 night minimum. Get the boys to pony up so cash, & enjoy a weekend never to be forgotten. 

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