Do penis pumps work? What you need to know:

Do penis pumps work? What you need to know:

Let's talk about something that's been buzzing around for a while: penis pumps. You might have heard of these contraptions and wondered if they actually work. Well, after extensive testing we're here to spill the beans and give you the lowdown on whether they're worth your time and money.

First things first, what is a penis pump? It's basically a device that you put on your manhood to create a vacuum and draw blood into the penile tissues, resulting in a temporary increase in size and girth.

Sounds promising, right? But does it really deliver the goods?

According to some experts, penis pumps can be useful for certain medical conditions, like erectile dysfunction. They work by assisting in achieving and maintaining an erection by promoting blood flow to the penis. So, if you're struggling with getting or keeping it up, a penis pump might be something worth considering.

There has been research done into these pumps preventing shrinkage of your trouser snake as you get older, or in circumstances like post prostate cancer. The main take away is that these devices can help you get (& stay) hard.

However, it's important to note that penis pumps aren't a magic solution for all things related to your adventures in the bedroom or disabled toilet at the local. They're not going to permanently increase your size or cure any underlying issues causing your performance problems. If you want a permanent solution we did write an article you can read here, but it's fairly intrusive and the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

When it comes to increasing penis size, many men hope that using a pump will give them a permanent boost. Unfortunately, there's no scientific evidence to support this claim. Any size gains you might experience from using a pump are likely to be temporary and disappear within 30 minutes of removing the device. So, if you're dreaming of becoming the next Johnny Sins, you might want to explore other options.

How to use a penis pump:

Step 1: Trim your pubic hair around the base of your penis. While not mandatory, it's a good idea to do this as it helps create a better seal and prevents any uncomfortable hair-pulling incidents.

Step 2: Apply a water-based lubricant to the shaft and base. This will minimise friction, prevent irritation, and make it easier to remove the pump afterwards.

Step 3: Slide your johnny into the plastic tube. You might need to adjust your sag for comfort. Once inside, use the pump attached (some are manual, some electric) to create a vacuum effect by removing the air. Remember, take it easy and gradually increase the pressure - it's not a sprint, but a marathon.

Step 4: Most folks experience an erection within 30 seconds to seven minutes. Once you're fully erect, firmly hold the base of your penis with one hand, remove the tube, and slide a constriction ring around the base to maintain the hardness.


Another thing to keep in mind is that penis pumps aren't without risks. Misuse or overuse of these devices can lead to potential problems such as bruising, pain, and even damage to the tissue of the old fella. Follow the instructions carefully and don't go overboard with the pumping or you could end up in a worst position than you started.

To wrap it up, penis pumps can be a helpful tool if you're dealing with ED or looking for temporary size enhancement. They can aid in achieving and maintaining an erection by promoting blood flow, but they WON'T cure any underlying issues causing your performance woes. This is a medical thing, so you can actually talk to your GP or a health professional and get some advice specific to your situation.

Now you're armed with some knowledge about penis pumps and whether they live up to the hype. What you do with this knowledge, we don't want to know and definitely don't want to see a photo in the group... but maybe a cracker story wouldn't hurt!

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