Dad gets head tattoo to support his son

Dad gets head tattoo to support his son

We’ve all heard stories of dads going above and beyond to make their kids feel a million bucks, but one Blokes Advice member has taken things a step further. We love a wholesome story here at BA, so when Adam Johnston took to the group yesterday to share something he has done it certainly put him in the running for father of the year.

“My son was born profoundly deaf in both ears so I did what I had to do to show that it’s ok to have special ears. He will be 1 year and 2 months when he has his cochlear implant surgery. I’m gonna be with him every step of the way and will be his rock whenever he needs me.”

We all know kids can be cruel to anyone who is a little bit different, so Adam has jumped the gun to support his little man from the very beginning in a very permanent way.

Adam mentioned to his work colleagues that he was getting a head tattoo and they were quick to say ‘it’s going to be there for life’, but their attitude changed when learning of the tattoos significance. Some still urged him to ‘just think about what it’s going to be in the future and your future job applications’ and Adam’s response was simple: “Well if it’s in my son permanently, then it’s on me permanently”.

Adam also turned to the group for some advice from fathers who have been through a similar situation:

“To the fathers that have children with cochlear implants, how was life for you and your kids afterwards? Please share some of your experiences as this is all new to my partner and I and we are so lost.”


One of the benefits of a group with 250 000 men is that you are bound to find others that have been through your situation and right on cue, one member shared his experience.

“Hey buddy! My son is 11 years old and had his cochlear implants since around one year old! They are the best thing ever! We were the same think life would not be normal, but man we were wrong! The implants are amazing ! Hearing is 100% he has even taught himself to lip read when he has them off! He is in a soccer team and loves playing sports!! Nothing can hold him back! You have nothing to worry about or stress yourselves out, he just had his upgrade and can connect to his ipad and other gadgets via bluetooth, he thinks its the coolest thing ever!!”

Another bloke reflected on his own upbringing…

“As someone with deaf parents and me and both my siblings being hearing, it was tough growing up.. Learnt how to sign before we could talk.. And learning that extra language is sooooooo good..”.

Putting his cranium under the needle for the 2 hour tattoo, Adam says his wife was initially upset because it was a reminder of what their son will be going through, but now likes it and the way it turned out.

We’re stoked for Adam’s little man to grow up with a Dad that’ll go to the end of the world to make him feel comfortable, and hope this story serves as a reminder to give your kids an extra bit of love today.

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