Blokes Advice in 2017 - A message from the Captain

To those who know me, and those who don’t, I've been the captain of the ship “BA” for coming up two years now.  I just want to personally thank you all for making this community what it is today, It wouldn't be the same without you.

What a year it has been for all involved with Blokes Advice. 

Everyone behind the scenes have compiled some of the highlights; somewhat of a "year in review". This is for new members, old members and members that haven't even joined yet to give you lads a better understanding of the ways that we help in the community outside of our Facebook group. Unfortunately there are many things that couldn't fit on the list and as always, none of this would be possible without the members and supporters of Blokes Advice.

The group has come a long way since its humble beginnings last year, plagued by bad press and negativity from people who believed they knew what went on behind closed doors in this sanctuary for blokes. The amount of good everyone involved with Blokes Advice has done speaks volumes and is a clear rebuttal to all that bad media we previously received. Blokes advice is the bench mark of what all of these new wannabe pages want to be. They will never have what we have, and all they're trying too do is leech off our beloved group.

If you can understand why we have cleaned up the group, and the massive impact we have in some mens lives now, then please stay and continue this journey with this community and brotherhood we have formed. I have made life long mates from this group, and I wouldn't change it for the world, I encourage you to interact with our members any chance you get.

Now this is what were all about, and what we get challenged on daily about “what do you guys even do?”. Here are a few of the things that are possible when a bunch of blokes get together to make a difference...

- Donated a member crowd funded 26k to the men’s shed.
- Raised 50k for ongoing treatment, comforting, last wishes and funeral of a baby boy who had battled cancer for the majority of his tragically short life.
- Raised 12k in get bills for a family's much loved dog.
- Raised 16k for baby Aurora’s funeral, all expenses paid.
- Raised 3.5k for Ant Berril - a single and hard working father to a severely autistic little boy for his "stress less fund".
- Raised 3K for Anthony Klung to help get him across Australia back to his family so he can recover from crippling depression and suicidal tendencies. All after an admin already having to call the police as we found him to be a suicide risk, turns out to be the call that saved his life.
- Helped raise 10K for the school kids excursion.
- Helped in raising approx. 16K for Chase who has cerebral palsy, in an effort to help him 
walk and become more mobile.
- Raised 6K for baby Walter, again sadly funeral costs covered.
- Behind the scenes we raised the coin to send one of our own admins to see his father before going in for life threatening surgery.
- Opened a public page to share what we do with the public.
- Sponsored a V8 Super Car and had the Blokes Advice livery on a V8 racing ute (driver search) and an Aussie race car.
- Held the first ever Blokes Advice party.
- Held an open screening of controversial film "The Red Pill" and Brock met with the creator Cassy Jay.
- Made a stand with a father who was kept from seeing his child. We threw an open and free sausage sizzle/BBQ and live entertainment for the public.
- Ran a Christmas toy drive with free BBQ with all toys donated by our generous members.
- Opened a public B.A. Racing page for news on events including our upcoming road show "The Blokes Advice Black Dog Awareness Tour".
- Meetings within influential members of parlaiment and local counsellors.
- Managed to stay online for a solid 12 months without any facebook rule breaches.
- Helped find a long lost brother on 2 separate occasions.
- Organised a wedding in about 72 hours.

We have massive things planned this coming year. I cant wait to bring in the new year with all you legends.

Remember, my door and all the admins doors are always open for a chat, you're never alone.


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