Being A Women For 24 Hours

Being A Women For 24 Hours

A few days ago a BA member posted a question to the group that triggered well over 1000 responses. We’re not ashamed say it’s not the first time we’ve thought about this particular idea, but it was hilarious to see what some of the boys came up with. The question in question…

Fellas… you get to be a women for 24 hours. What is the first thing you doing? 

The top comment with over 500 reactions really hit the nail on the head and the boys resonated… “Experience the extreme physical discomfort felt when a woman says “I was wrong” or ‘I’m sorry’.” Another bloke replied to this by suggesting they’d like to feel "the extreme satisfaction of saying ‘nothing is wrong’.”

If you want to read through the entire post of 1000+ comments, CLICK HERE & give yourself a spare half hour!


Many blokes saw it as an opportunity to do some exploring of the female biology and finally figure out how that shit works. We'll let you check the post for some of the cruder suggestions, but one bloke simply shared a picture which sums up his 24 hours...


Others were quite keen on experiencing all the privileges and rights us men seem to have forfeited to the fairer sex over the years.

It wouldn't have been much of a thread without a few stereotype gags either. It's 2022 & women drivers is still a topic that makes us chuckle... sorry girls.

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