Aussie Tradie Ladies On The Rise

Aussie Tradie Ladies On The Rise

Today we're gonna have a chat about something that's been happening more and more lately: women entering the trades. A lot of us blokes have daughters, and having chicks pathing the way into the industry opens up the road for them to explore a career and make some decent cash along the way.

Ladies make up about 3% of the trade workforce, and hold about 1% of of apprenticeships - that's a pretty daunting ratio regardless of where you are. No doubt there are differences between men and women, but there's certainly benefits of having a bit more diversity on site.

The issues chicks face is long and some are no doubt debatable, but we think you can have a little positivity without going 'full woke'. Take a minute to give the women you bump into a reason to have a little more courage and confidence, and they might just teach you a thing or two *insert cleaning the site joke*.

That said, we've found a bunch of chicks killing it in their trades, that are making way for our next generation.

Aimee Stanton was a plumber before starting a business building tiny houses, & even had a womens workwear line dropping soon.

Tammy Vos is an electrician who has spent 9 years in the industry. After being on the tools for 5, she's stepped up to MD at TTS Electrics down in Geelong.

Stefanie Apostolidis is a carpenter/site manager from Melbourne, who juggles that with being a Mum & running

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A Pome who's made her way down under, Harriett is a painter from Bondi.

Peninsula Sparky Chick is another one crushing it as an electrician, along with a whole array of home reno projects.

From over the pond in NZ, Alice Brooking is a interior plasterer/drywall finisher nailing that work/life balance.

The Luly Twins are... you guessed it... twins that install drywall together. They are into hunting and fishing too!

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