Aussie Bloke Drops 106kg & "isn't stopping there"

Aussie Bloke Drops 106kg & "isn't stopping there"

In our male-only Facebook group, Blokes Advice, where nearly 300,000 Aussie blokes gather to share stories and advice, one recent post has struck a chord, and it's anything but sugar-coated.

Meet Dane Lyons, a familiar face around the group being a member since 2016. He recently posted a jaw-dropping transformation that's got everyone talking, and it's more relatable than you might think.

Dane's story is simple but powerful: he's lost a whopping 106 kilograms. No fancy words, no over-the-top motivation speeches. Just plain, honest talk. Dane hits the gym six days a week and says,

"It's tough, mate, but I promise you won't regret it."

His wakeup call came at a staggering 260 kilograms, and that's when he decided enough was enough. His message is clear: "If you think it ain't worth it or you don't care, I've been there, and I'm telling you, it's worth every bit of effort. Think about your family, your future. Just put down that fork."

Dane's post received a flood of support from the Blokes Advice community, proving that real stories from real blokes can make a big impact. In a world where social media can sometimes make blokes feel less confident, Dane's story reminds us that we can take charge of our lives, no matter how tough it gets.

"Just put down that fork."

Dane's journey is still unfolding, but his determination and willingness to share it with the lads remind us that change is doable, no matter how daunting it seems. It's a reminder that we can face our challenges head-on, make positive changes, and motivate our mates along the way.

So here's to Dane Lyons and the entire BA group. Thanks for keeping it real and proving that everyday Aussie blokes can conquer our demons, make a change, and inspire others to do the same. Cheers, mate!

Follow along with Dane's story on his 'gram HERE

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