9 Signs Your Testosterone Is Low

9 Signs Your Testosterone Is Low

Testosterone is crucial for building muscle and fuelling your sex drive, and it's essential for maintaining bone mass, producing red blood cells, and other bodily functions. Receptors for the hormone exist throughout your body, from your brain to your bones to your blood vessels. If your levels are low, the health consequences could extend beyond the gym and the bedroom.

Most men see their testosterone drop a bit with age, but you could experience low T in your 20s or 30s. Testosterone deficiency is considered a medical condition and is different from an age-related decline in testosterone levels. To diagnose low T, doctors find out what symptoms you’re experiencing. Then, you’ll need two blood tests, performed in the morning when testosterone is at its peak.

Low T affects people in different ways. It can manifest in physical, cognitive, and sexual ways. The following symptoms aren’t proof of low testosterone - you need those blood tests also. The good news is, if low T is truly to blame, many of the health side effects of low testosterone can be reversed, or at least improved, with testosterone therapy.

1. Your sex drive has all but dried up. Thats less romance, less appetite, and less urge to polish it off yourself.
2. Struggling to get your soldier to stand up at full attention - test is crucial for erectile function.
3. Your muscles have gotten smaller - you're body will actually break down muscle instead of build it.
4. Your fruit & two veg will literally shrink up without a good flow of testosterone. 
5. You lose size where it counts and gain it where it hurts - increase body fat is a sign to watch.
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6. Your brain has hormone receptors and the lack of T can cause your memory to falter.
7. Your bones weaken. Hard to notice until things break, but extra aches and pains, or bad posture, could indicate this.
8. There's plenty of other reasons we go bald, but slowed growth or a newly patch beard can hint at test dropping off.
9. Energy! If its not psychological or situational, not having the energy to do you usual activities is a sign something has changed and it might be hormonal.

Let us reiterate, none of these things guarantee testosterone is to blame but this is an important hormone to blokes. If you're feeling off, just take the time to look after yourself an visit a GP. To find one near you, visit our FIND A PROFESSIONAL page and get yourself checked out.

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