30 Best Fish From The Blokes's Of BA

30 Best Fish From The Blokes's Of BA
Blokes Advice member, Kie Evans, recently posted in the group sharing his monster eels catch. He managed to pull 5 of these 2m monsters out of Couran Cove on the Gold Coast last weekend!
Kia asked the group to share some of their best catches and of course, the thread did not disappoint. Have a scroll through some of the best catches!
It's no secret that many of the blokes in our group really love throwing a line in. In addition to it being a unique way to be physically active, fishing provides an opportunity to get outdoors and get in touch with the outdoors. Whether you think about it or not, fishing can be meditative and ticks a lot of boxes that help with positive mental health. It can be social or self-reflective, train mindfulness, and take you on the journey of learning a whole array of new skills. Long story short, if you find yourself bored, or spending your time in harmful ways, maybe have a think about taking up fishing as a hobby.
If you want to know more about bettering your mental health, check out our Looking For Help page.
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