Son finds Dad after decades through BA

Son finds Dad after decades through BA

BA strikes again! Meet Scott, a 49-year-old Aussie bloke who used the power of Facebook to track down his dad. After years of separation and going through his own struggles, Scott decided to reach out to the Blokes Advice Facebook group, a community of almost 300,000 Aussie men, for help. Little did he know, this group would lead him to his ex step-brother, who had the details about his dad's whereabouts.

Scott had been been complacent about reconnecting with his dad after losing touch with him 23 years ago when he faced a handful of his own struggles with brain tumours, a new born, and a natural disaster wiping out all he had. Understanding firsthand the complexities of life after a plight of his own struggles, and recognising the old boy will be getting on in life, he decided it was time to find him. Armed with only his dad's name and a few tidbits about his past residences and schools, he turned to the BA for help.

Blokes from all over Australia rallied behind Scott, sharing his story on some local groups in the area he thought his Dad might be. Not days, not hours... but within 10 minutes he received a message request from a cousin of his who connected him with his ex step bro for a chat about his old boy!

Scott got hold of the number to ring, and gave it a buzz. If you've ever met a 78 year old bloke, you can imagine he was a bit taken-aback with processing the reconnection, but all went well. A week later, after a bit of time to sit on his, Scott's dad wanted to chat again and they spent almost two hours catching up on all the stuff life throws our way.

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Over the past couple weeks they've stayed in touch, and are planning to reconnect with Scott and his 23yr old son (who hasn't met his grandad since he was a newborn) in October. Scott himself has never shared a beer with his old man - that ones going to taste good!

Scott's story teaches us the importance of empathy and forgiveness when it comes to rebuilding relationships. His personal experiences allowed him to see things from his father's perspective, leading to a deeper understanding. With this newfound connection, Scott and his dad have the opportunity to make up for lost time and create new memories together.

In a world where social media often gets a bad rap, this story stands as a shining example of the positive impact it can have. So next time you need a helping hand or a bit of advice, don't be afraid to reach out to your online communities. You never know what connections and life-changing moments might be waiting for you!

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