Lazy Mans Guide To High Tech Lawn Care

Lazy Mans Guide To High Tech Lawn Care

Let's get real for a second: who hasn’t dreamt of being a backyard king, where the grass bows down to your mighty lawn-chair throne? But here's the catch - that regal lawn doesn’t manicure itself. Unless your idea of a Zen garden is a dried-up wasteland of dead plants and cracked soil, you're in for some sweat. Or... are you?

The age of futuristic lawn care has arrived! Slip on those shades and grab a cold one because we've got the down-low on how to make your yard work for you while you do sweet fk all.

Tech Savvy Irrigation System

Remember that time you went all Indiana Jones into the murky depths of your basement just to mess with the sprinkler system? Those dark ages are over! Now you can control when it rains in your lawn (on plants). A system like the Orbit B-Hyve comes with an app to command rain (okay, sprinklers) from the comfort of your couch. It's so easy to use and can connect with both WiFi and Bluetooth. Just connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant and you’re good to go. This one also keeps an eye on the weather for you so if she's already raining, it won't trigger and save you a bit of cash on the water bill!

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Robo-Mowers Serving You Hot

It wasn't too long ago we had a mate with a robot mower that seemed more like a fancy toy for his kid. These robo mowers  might look like escaped Roombas, but they're getting good and here to make sure your lawn's always going to be looking its best.

These things range from under a grand up to about $7000 so more expensive than your regular human power ones, but the 'set & forget' aspect is something that shouldn't be overlooked. They take a bit of effort to set up getting your property lines sorted, but once they are up and running they require minimal maintenance, money, or thought to keep your lawns fresh. Keep in mind, many have 5 year warranties so think of how much time you'd really spend over that time!

Digital Plant Sensors

Who's ever thought about having plants talk back? We haven't (not even after too many beers)... Well now you definitely don't need to think about it with digital plant sensors.

Just jab one into the soil next to your favourite plant (or the one you always seem to be killing). It’ll measure sunlight, temperature, moisture, and even soil quality. These trusty then send the data to your phone, telling you what your plant needs. Too much sun? Not enough water?

Our favourite feature some sensors have is they will tell you exactly what to plant in that spot that will thrive in the specific conditions.

Automated Outdoor Lights

We all love a bit of mood lighting, but many of us just stuck in the solar lights and called it quits. We don't know when they'll be on, or when they'll turn off. Don't sweat - technology has hit this scene!

Smart garden lights are fully programmable, work off a phone app, or work with your Google Home. Plenty of them also have sensors on so they'll light up when you go out in the garden for a midnight slash.

When did being lazy look so good? Embrace the future, gents, and make that yard the envy of all without lifting more than a finger (or, in some cases, an iPhone). Until next time, may your grass be ever green and your beers forever cold!

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