Jon Jones voices support & pick: Paul Vs Fury

Jon Jones voices support & pick: Paul Vs Fury

Jones Jones is considered to be one of the greatest fighters of all time with an impressive 26-1-0. He became the youngest UFC champion of all time at 23 years of age, before working his way through multiple weigh classes leaving a trail of destruction in his path.... so what's his call on Paul VS Fury?

Love him or hate him, Paul has been on a crusade knocking out people left, right and centre, even if they might have been old men from different disciplines. Tommy Fury isn't much better, with most of his recognition coming from starring on Love Isaldn and being the brother of the World Heavy Weight Champion, Tyson Fury.

Jones took to Twitter and said, “I’m a huge fan of Tyson, but I’m rooting for Jake in the situation, the kids come such a long way.”

The pre-fight hype has been real with Paul baiting Fury with an all in deal for the potential of taking home over $15 million.... or leaving with nothing.

When Fury promised to put Paul to sleep inside four rounds, and said that the YouTuber-turned-pro boxer has made “easy money fighting old men” and celebrities.

Paul, who is never short of a response, “I think we make a deal then since you’re so confident. If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. But if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you. Deal or no deal?”

Emotions were high as Fury Senior agreed to the deal on his behalf, followed but a little face to face. The fighters did shake hands to secure the deal before they separated.

“You heard that ladies and gentleman, it’s a deal,” Paul said, to which John requested to get the agreement in writing.

The fight is going down on Monday morning with the card beginning at 7am in Australia. Who do you think will come out on top? Or perhaps more importantly, do you give a shit? 

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