Date night ideas she'll froth

Date night ideas she'll froth

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to overlook the importance of quality time with the missus (or fellow bloke, whatever tickles your pickle). Sure, you might catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV show together or enjoy the occasional takeout dinner, but when was the last time you made a genuine effort to plan a memorable date night? 

We've compiled a few ideas that aren't going to cost you a fortune or take up hours of time, but still get the job done and you'll be position firmly in the good books.

Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a cozy outdoor movie theatre in your backyard. Trust us, KMart has everything you need for cheap - go grab some fairly lights, cushions/blankets & bean bags - and don't forget to grab her favourite movie snacks. It's a simple yet thoughtful gesture that shows you've gone the extra mile to create a magical experience... just remember you'll have to meet her halfway on what to watch.

Surprise Daycation: Plan a day trip to a nearby town or city that you both have yet to explore. Hit up TripAdvisor - these legends seem to have a Top 10 list for everything like interesting landmarks, hidden gems, & cafes/pubs.

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Cook and Sip: Instead of dining out, turn your kitchen into a culinary haven. Crank up the music, and enjoy the process of preparing a delicious meal (you can go balls deep in ingredients for less than a cost of a fancy restarant nowadays). And of course, don't forget to pair your culinary masterpiece with a bottle of her favourite wine or cocktail.

The Classic Picnic Under the Stars: Pack a cozy blanket, your ladies favourite snacks, and a bottle of wine. Find a serene spot, away from the city lights, where you can lay back, stargaze, and simply enjoy each other's company. This intimate setting will provide the perfect ambiance for some heartfelt conversations.

Remember, the key to a successful date night is to tailor the experience to your ladies interests. Consider her hobbies and the things that make her truly frothing!

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