The 10/10's of Blokes Advice from May

The 10/10's of Blokes Advice from May

In recent weeks some muppets with short, blue hair said BA was a bunch of misogynists.... well we love our women so you can jump back on Twitter and cancel the next crew - we heard Isaac Butterfield wants the smoke!

We like our models, athletes, professionals, gamers, hunters, fighters and chicks who look like blokes... or blokes who looks like chicks?... Sorry we got sidetracked, here's some recent 10s from the month of May...

Eva Lovia
Briana Armbruster
Louisa Khovanski & Alex Mucci
Kerri Gribble
Emma Brooks
Holly Costello (even though ya response vid was weak AF)
Kayley Gunner
Laura Prepton
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Chiara Bransi
Holly & Erin James
Tia Maria
Laura Lux
Valerie C

Head over to the Blokes Advice Facebook Group  - it's 100% male, and a private group so brace yourself for some old fashion banter, laughs, and the help a fellow bloke out from time to time.

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