Best Dash Cams In Australia 2023

Best Dash Cams In Australia 2023

If you're a true-blue Aussie, then you know our roads can be a wild ride. There's always something happening out there and more often than not, it's some other muppet causing your dramas - and that's why dash cams are becoming more popular to set the record straight.

Whether you're looking to protect yourself from reckless drivers, document your next road trip, or just keep an eye on your vehicle while it's parked, we've got you covered. There was a recent post in Blokes Advice on this topic, so we thought we'd relay the info.

We know that you don't have time for fluff, so we've done the hard yards and narrowed down the top picks that offer the best value for your hard-earned cash. We'll be taking a look at the 5 best dash cams to buy in Australia in 2023.

WolfBox 4K

The WolfBox is best described as 'everything you need from a dash cam system without it being shite'. It's not the Rolls Royce of the list at $178.99, but if you are looking for something reliable, easy to set up, with a decent enough image, this system is probably going to be your best bang for buck.

It's got wide angle 170° 4K video, built-in GPS, audio recording and the ability to hardwire it into your car (with an additional kit). Users report it's held up to the test of time and don't regret their choice! 

Buy It Here


BlackVue DR900X-2CH

Stepping is up to the top, the BlackVue is a name brand in the dash cam world. Granted, it's a higher price at $789.99, but the quality is reflected by many members saying they've used this product for years and stoked with the results.

This bad boy is going to give you one of the best image qualities on the list which is important when things go pear shaped and the footage needs to stand up in court. It has built-in GPS so you know you speed/location when incidents occur, & it record in H.265 so you get the good quality without taking up so much space on the memory card! One of the big positive is a very sleek design so you can install and forget without it getting in your view or having a big screen facing back towards you.

Buy It Here



Think of the MioFive as the Great Wall of the Black Vue. On paper it's very similar, and no doubt it is bang for buck at $369.99, but it is a newer brand with less of a reputation for long lasting quality. That said, it made the list because we're hearing good things.

4K video, 5G wifi, motion detection & built in storage. If you want a bit of quality gear but can't justify the leap to the top end, this might be the system for you.

Buy It Here

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VanTrue E2

VanTrue have been a player in the scene for some time now, and the E2 is a decent system. It has a sleek look, with most of the features of the other cameras but records at 2.5K (less resolution than the 4K cameras on this list).

It was mentioned in the group chat so we threw it in, but at $359.99 it's not the cheapest and we think specs are a little lacking for this price point.

Buy It Here

There's a million of these things on the market, but we feel between this line up you'll find something suitable for what you need. As a bonus option if you're on a tight budget, check out the GKU Camera at $69.99 - don't expect big things but it's better than nothing!

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